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Liquid Lipo Double Chin Kit

Liquid Lipo Double Chin Kit

This is the double chin edition. Liquid lipo is made with grade A essential oils that act like carriers to bring fat burning agents to fat, bind to them, shrink and dissolve them. The fat is then excreted by the body for disposal.

This kit comes a chin and face contour strap, a buffing pad and 30min of liquid lipo. Enough to do Atleast three treatments.

You will rub into treatment area enough liquid lipo where skin feels a little tacky. About 5 pumps. Then strap the contour band on so that it is taught but not tight enough to restrict breathing and comfort levels. You can leave between 15 - 25 minutes on. Some tingling may occur but it should not create discomfort. If at any time you feel discomfort, remove contour strap and wash area immediately.

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