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Fibroblast Plasma Lift

Why Fibroblast Skin Tightening Plasma with us?

1. Minimal Downtime

2. Long lasting results, up to 3 years

3. No filler or injections

4. Eliminates excessive tissue that causes sagging including stretchmarks and skin.

5. Helps diminish scarring

6. Non Surgical

7. Uses real plasma unlike other devices and procedures and does not burn the skin.

8. Cost is less than most surgery and injections.

What can Fibroblast treat?


*Skin Tag Removal

*Fine Lines and Wrinkles

*Crows Feet

*Stretch Marks


*Acne Scarring


*Face Lifts

*Droppy Eyelids

*Loose skin lift (tummy, arms, etc)


*All wrinkles

This treatment is ideal for skin Fitzpatrick between I and 5. Depending on the area and circumstance, more than 1 treatment may be needed for desired results. All results will vary.

Appointments will be available begining March 8, 2024. For more information, please call me at (209) 407-5900 or if you are ready to book your appointment, please visit my booking site:

I require a deposit of 50% of your service to book your appointment. A 15 minute consultation is free. I accept paypal and venmo, if you need to make a cash deposit, please call and let me know.

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Please text or call for your consult.


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